Editing Services for Fiction Authors

 As an experienced best selling author of books published both with Harper Collins, indie published, and with multiple books sold as translated options into other languages and countries, I’ve learned a lot about how the industry works, specifically in the last 15 years.  I’m also a savvy editor, character development specilialist, and I’d love to offer you, fellow authors of great fiction, a range of services to help you navigate your way forward with your books.

My services are for authors all over the world!

Manuscript Review

If you have an existing manuscript that you’re not sure is ready for publishing or you think it’s at the editing stage, send it to me for a complete review. I will look at your character development, dialogue, pacing, overall structure and provide a written report with suggestions for readying your project for a full edit. Your book might be in fantastic condition but another set of eyes is always valuable – I know this from experience!

Editing Services

I offer copy editing services which cover grammar, punctuation, researching and provide a report with Tracked Changes. This will be followed by a meeting to discuss your manuscript and the next step. 

My pricing will be based on a per word or per hour quote which is why I need to see the manuscript before we begin working together.


Once your book has been through a final edit and is ready for publishing, you will need a final proof to ensure mistakes are taken care of.


Be assured that confidentiality is assured and I am happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. As an author I understand the importance of knowing my work is safe.


The state and size of your manuscript will dictate the turnaround time for most services. This is why it’s important to plan ahead and not leave it to the last minute if you’re a deadline.