Back Cover Description for “Knotted” on Amazon:

In the heart of New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes, “Knotted” by Michelle Holman unfolds a compelling tale of love, loss, and unexpected connections. When Daneka Lawton’s world crumbles following the death of her twin sister, she’s left to navigate the complexities of grief while caring for her niece and nephew. Her life, already knotted with challenges, tangles further with the arrival of a stranger from across the seas—Ross Fabello, a man with a claim to her family she can neither ignore nor accept.

As Daneka and Ross clash, their lives become as intertwined as the very knots they struggle to untie. Holman weaves a story rich with humour, emotional depth, and the promise of new beginnings. Set against the stunning backdrop of semi-rural New Zealand, “Knotted” invites readers into a world where the past and present collide, secrets unravel, and love finds a way through the most tangled of circumstances.

Dive into “Knotted” and experience a journey of healing, the power of family, and the unexpected ways love can reforge broken bonds.

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