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Imagine being responsible for your siblings’ kids, your home falling apart, and just when you think things can’t get worse, your personal nemesis lands in town. Enter Daneka Lawton’s world in “Knotted,” where chaos meets comedy in the most delightful ways.

“‘You think I need to worry about creating a good first impression? This from a woman who just ran a truck into a pile of concrete blocks?’ Danny’s day was already shaping up to be memorably disastrous, and Ross Fabello’s arrival was the cherry on top of a very unwanted cake.”

Join the adventure in Michelle Holman’s “Knotted,” a tale woven with humour, heart, and a touch of New Zealand charm, proving that sometimes, life’s greatest gifts come wrapped in the most unexpected packages.

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Lisa Jackson’s life is thrown into chaos when a devastating accident leaves her with no memory of who she is. Struggling with amnesia, Lisa wakes up to find herself married to Dan Brogan, a man she has never met before. As Lisa grapples with her new reality, she must navigate the challenges of piecing together her fragmented memories while dealing with the complexities of her marriage. Dan, though supportive, harbors secrets of his own, adding another layer of tension to their already tumultuous relationship. Their journey is fraught with emotional highs and lows, as Lisa’s quest for self-discovery forces her to confront uncomfortable truths about her past and the choices that led her here.

Despite the odds, Lisa’s resilience shines through. As she uncovers the mysteries of her former life, she begins to understand the depth of her own strength and the possibilities for a new beginning. Her relationship with Dan evolves, moving from one of mere convenience to something deeper and more meaningful. But the path to healing and love is not straightforward. Lisa must overcome not only her apparent amnesia  and how this effects those closest to her, but also the fears and insecurities that have long plagued her.

In “Bonkers,” Michelle Holman crafts a funny, compelling narrative that explores the themes of love, memory, and second chances. This poignant and at times hilarious story is filled with unexpected twists and heartfelt moments. Readers will be captivated by Lisa’s journey of self-discovery and rooting for her every step of the way.

Prepare to be moved by this powerful tale of hope, redemption, and the enduring power of love.

These old favourites are getting a facelift…

Check back soon for more details about the re-launch of all my old titles, now coming out in Digital eBooks as well as print options, with new covers.