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Imagine being responsible for your siblings’ kids, your home falling apart, and just when you think things can’t get worse, your personal nemesis lands in town. Enter Daneka Lawton’s world in “Knotted,” where chaos meets comedy in the most delightful ways.

“‘You think I need to worry about creating a good first impression? This from a woman who just ran a truck into a pile of concrete blocks?’ Danny’s day was already shaping up to be memorably disastrous, and Ross Fabello’s arrival was the cherry on top of a very unwanted cake.”

Join the adventure in Michelle Holman’s “Knotted,” a tale woven with humour, heart, and a touch of New Zealand charm, proving that sometimes, life’s greatest gifts come wrapped in the most unexpected packages.

These old favourites are getting a facelift…

Check back soon for more details about the re-launch of all my old titles, now coming out in Digital eBooks as well as print options, with new covers.